Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you busy on Thursday?

Then you better change your plans so you can make it out for Kraftwork! If you're not familiar, Kraftwork is a free event for shoppers where local artists can sell their products. It goes from 7-11 on the first Thursday of every month (the next one is April 2nd, next week!). Learn more about participating on our website, and be sure to come by and check out these awesome indie artists who will be selling their art this Thursday:

a bardis
Artesanias Peru
Big Daddy Biscuits
Bloomin' Lumen
Jody Harris
little mexi
Lizzie Sweet
Rainbows of Chaos
Rub My Belly
Squirrelly Girl Creations
The Dot

See you then!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interview with Hello Craft

Hey, check it out, we got inerviewed! Kim Dorn of Hello Craft talked to Maggie about supporting local artists and unusual items that have sold in the boutique. To see the original article go here, and learn about Hello Craft's Summer of Awesome while you're at it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Friday night!!

Join us for what will be a super fun night this Friday from 8:00 to 11:00! Bring a friend or a date to the release party of Re-Construct: Eco-Friendly Crafts Made Easy.

Jeanee Ledoux and Garth Johnson are the stars of the film and Jeanee will be here in person!

This instructional DVD teaches you 11 original step-by-step projects friendly to the Earth and your budget.

Other sponsors include Woodfire Grill, Indie Craft Experience , and Matty Cakes . Refreshments will be served!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey check out the awesome review we got from Mike Germon on Burn away about our
current show!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has sprung : )

As always, the warmer weather is coaxing Atlanta folks out and about. People are out on their bikes, kids are eating ice cream in the park, and I've been keeping an eye on Young Blood for some cute little goodies.

I found these awesome notebooks by Ex Libris...

I got one of the Hardy Boys series. Not only are the blank pages interspersed with pages of the original text, but mine also has a sleeve in the back which says it used to belong to Sunnyside School Library. Apparently a young man named Jim checked this book out 9 times. Must've been a good read, I look forward to finding more snippets of text.

Ooh, also, I found one of these super cool wall hangers by FluffyCo.

I've been using mine for hanging jewelry above my dresser. They have lots of cool stuff on their website, too. I've been really into trying to emulate nature in small ways around my house. Young Blood's boutique is full of tons of stuff to kick the winter out of your apartments for good.

I've been feeling the need to eat healthier in the new year, and part of that is cooking more at home. When I saw these aprons by Glue & Glitter, I knew it would be perfect.

Personally I've been planning a picnic some sunny Saturday, and my friends and I are going to whip up a big batch of cupcakes. These aprons are so cute, they're long and have big pockets for holding sprinkles and icing. Next time you come by check out the apron we've featured in the right window and the awesome accessories to go along with!

Enjoy the sunshine, guys. See you out and about!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey hey! We got interviewed!

Hey kids, check this out! On March 5th, Jeremy Abernathy sat down with our very own Maggie White for an interview about the effects of the recession.

Jeremy Abernathy writes for, a site which writes about local art in the Atlanta area. Check out the website for more articles that examine the "nature of creativity that compels us to look beyond what merely is and envision what could be."

Maggie talked about the hardships of being a struggling artist and the challenges facing the gallery in this economy. Being an artist is hard, and Maggie worried that art schools don't typically emphasize the "business side" of making a living in art. She talked about some of the challenges Young Blood has faced, and wished well all the local businesses who have suffered in these harsh economic times. Maggie ended with advice to new galleries, "Get lots of input from other gallery folks and business owners you respect. Go into it with your eyes wide open. If you’re doing it just for the love like we did the first few years, go nuts and have fun!"

Check out the original article here and for some pictures of recent artwork displayed in our gallery!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birds of a feather show up in YB Gallery!

Hey guys, check out the work from our opening on our photostream! The turn out was rockin', and we had some special visitors stop by as well.

March 6 and 7, Sopo held its annual benefit party and scavenger hunt, and hula hooping in front of Young Blood was one of the stops! Jazzercising rocks!

And how exciting it was to see Brea Grant, the actress who plays speedy Daphne Millbrook on Heroes! She was super cute and friendly, and we snapped a picture with her in the boutique!

It was such fun, and the art is selling like wildfire. Come by soon before it's all gone!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sneak a peek at our upcoming artists...

March 7th through the 29th the Young Blood gallery will feature David Hale and Abby Glassenberg.

Hale, a graduate of the University of Georgia has exhibited his work at schools and galleries in Georgia, North Carolina and San Francisco. Check out his website for his tattoo alias Eightfold and see more examples of his work here.

Hale will be showing with Abby Glassenberg, a former sixth grade teacher who now spends her daughters' nap time crafting graceful soft sculpture birds. Don't miss her captivating blog for snapshots of her work, tales of the craft and even some tasty recipes.