Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Time!

With no ado whatsoever,

I'm sure you all know about Sanithna Phansavanh's opening and Modern Skirts' performance at YB tomorrow night, but here's a little reminder. Also going on tomorrow night is Mike Germon and Truett Dietz's opening at Beep Beep gallery, which goes from 8-11p.m. Stop by and check it out as well (after visiting us, of course!). I haven't gotten to see the show yet, and will be just as surprised as you all are when I come in tomorrow, but I've checkout Sanithna's work online, and it's freakin' fantastic. Totally dig the superstition/mythology focus as it is, so I'm especially pumped for tomorrow night's show.

1000 Cranes by Sanithna.

This be the flyer for Beep Beep's opening.

What else is going on this weekend in the ATL? Ann-Marie Manker's show, "Softcore War", is opening at Whitespace TONIGHT at 7.

Hope you guys start off your weekend with some of the creativity and fun Atlanta's art scene has to offer!


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