Sunday, September 5, 2010

Math sucks.

ok sorry having one of those days, weeks... where I have been on quick books non-stop and my head is hurting. But YB has some math love...

Business Mathematics recycled book blank journal
ps: By the way all you math nerds out there or just those who know simple math and who's brains aren't melted. If I know that $15 is 40% of original price, then what is the original price? I mean I don't care what the answer is I just want to know how you figured it out.


Mike Germon said...

15.00/x = 40/100

1500 = 40x

1500/40 = x

x = $37.50

ARTLANTIS Arts and Music Festival said...


I just do smaller percentages and add it up.

10% of 15 is $1.50
20% of 15 is $3.00
30% of 15 is $4.50
40% of 15 is $6.00124max