Friday, August 6, 2010


Wow, longest work day in a while!

Totally time consuming for me, but great for you guys- I entered a TON of new tees, onesies, messenger bags from Happy Family this afternoon (not all of which I even got to put out!). My favorite of this 1146 item inventory would have to be precious astronaut onesies in lavender and royal blue. Come scoop them up before they're gone, or before I decide to buy all of them and save them for future baby gifts.

Jessica Gonacha (now Jessica Swift, fyi) also brought us some great ceramic coasters, pendants, and prints, and I got to meet her. I don't know, there's just something special about getting to meet an artist whose work you might see on your wall at home, around your neck, etc. So yeah, new stuff, come chh-heck it out!

I also had the privilege of meeting both artists for tomorrow night's opening, and I gotta say, they're both genuinely friendly and lovely ladies! Honestly, I'm not gonna smooze up any artist I've met, but I really did feel honored to meet both Ruth Marks and Sarah Watts this afternoon. Wanna know more about 'em? Follow my links, and, even better, stop by the show tomorrow! It really is lovely.

G'night all! See you tomorrow!


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