Friday, August 27, 2010

Rock Steady

Well hello Friday! Fall classes have started after my brief break and I can now appreciate the beauty of this day as a relief from the grind again.

Confession: I have a mild obsession with rocks.
Crystals and geodes--be still my heart. While I have probably 5 or 6 geodes, geode slices and chunks of amethyst crystals, wearing these earth treasures as jewelry is my favorite fix. I'll always prefer raw and natural looking pieces over polished stones, and if you throw in something cool like a brass or silver casting, especially if it's animal related, you've got me at hello.

Lauren Haupt is a pretty new jeweler we've carrying now, and I adore these little pyrite necklaces of hers.

We also just got some stuff in from Red Heart 13 (also known as Leila Marvel) which includes a necklace with a pretty little pyrite chunk hanging from a brass chain. I ordered one for myself :)

And you all know about one of our fave designers of earthy fabulousness-Stone and Honey. Here be a sneak peek of one of her new designs we're carrying.

It's not the exact pendant we have, but arlis (the name of this delight) is pretty darn close.

Wanna know an interesting fact/belief/ whatever about pyrite (fool's gold)? It is believed to "balance hormonal rhythms and ease the comfort of menstruation". Ha. A little less personal is the belief that pyrite also can aid a wearer's concentration and allow them to communicate more openly and honestly.

Until next week,


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