Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey hey! We got interviewed!

Hey kids, check this out! On March 5th, Jeremy Abernathy sat down with our very own Maggie White for an interview about the effects of the recession.

Jeremy Abernathy writes for, a site which writes about local art in the Atlanta area. Check out the website for more articles that examine the "nature of creativity that compels us to look beyond what merely is and envision what could be."

Maggie talked about the hardships of being a struggling artist and the challenges facing the gallery in this economy. Being an artist is hard, and Maggie worried that art schools don't typically emphasize the "business side" of making a living in art. She talked about some of the challenges Young Blood has faced, and wished well all the local businesses who have suffered in these harsh economic times. Maggie ended with advice to new galleries, "Get lots of input from other gallery folks and business owners you respect. Go into it with your eyes wide open. If you’re doing it just for the love like we did the first few years, go nuts and have fun!"

Check out the original article here and for some pictures of recent artwork displayed in our gallery!


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Cathy Nichols Art said...

This looks like such a fun place. Makes me want to live in Atlanta!