Sunday, February 28, 2010



Opening Saturday March 6th 7-10 pm for "Cycle Through " a group show of over 60 artists with work relating to the theme of bicycles. SOPO Bikes 6th annual alley cat "Broken Hearts & Bicycle Parts: Love Scars & Handlebars" ends during the opening at Young Blood.

"This is a couples' ride so find a partner and a costume. This one's all about style.
Prizes for couples of all sorts. Saturday March 6:Register at 5 at Sopo Ride at 6
Ends at 8 at Young Blood Gallery." sopo bikes

skids and tricks, food, games after party at 9 at Highland Inn Ballroom
with Radiotron, Atlanta Sedition Orchestra, The Wild, Sea Lions, and Royal Chord

Walnut Dachshund Necklace
NEW in the Boutique
Lost at Sea

Coming all the way from the UK these little wood buttons,rings and necklaces are
one of our favorites! Lost at Sea is a young design duo creating handmade yet affordable designed jewelery, inspired by everything from mid-century style and classic tattoos to the British countryside. We use natural materials and a muted color palette so our work maintains a vintage aesthetic with a contemporary feel.

Walnut Whale Necklace Walnut Bird on Branch Necklace Mini Teapot Silhouette Pin Mini Cloud Pin Mini Heart Pin Mini T-Rex Silhouette Ring Mini Anchor Pin

Featured Artist in the Boutique
Sarah Ogren

Sarah (Illionois) just sent us a sampling of some of her newest mixed media creations.

"My work is often a reflection of my current life difficulties, triumphs, and questions with a childhood influence. I guess you could say I have a strong existential philosophy and I am using my art to figure out what life means to me. I often take conversations and experiences from my every day life and incorporate them into my work. These conversations and experiences are expressed in the subject matter of a collage but also can be hidden in the imagery and titles of the work as well.

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