Sunday, April 26, 2009


See the Creative Loafing preview here!

Hey everybody it's finally time for our bi-anual SK8 or DIE show!! We've gotten in some really amazing boards this year (106!!) I'm so excited to get them all laid out this week and start hanging, it's one of my favorite shows to hang. All boards should be up by the time we open on Friday so come have a sneak preview. All boards will be up for auction on Saturday strarting at 3 with the bidding ending at 9pm. The price starts at $100 each. After Saturday any boards not sold will be for sale for $100. We have artists from all over the world and seeing them all together is a real treat. We weren't able to do a street closing or use any close by lots but Thomas from Stratsophere skateboards is setting up some ramps and other things at the foundation during the day on saturday. The official opening is on saturday from 3-9pm, so encourage folks walking back and forth from foundation and the gallery to hang out and skate! SEE YOU SATURDAY!

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