Friday, July 16, 2010

Painting your City

Hey friends,

As a local and independent business, Young Blood is all about supporting the arts, and encouraging you to create some of your own. Check out this article from Purge ATL which covers our etsy craft party from June, and discusses a little of the indie craft movement that's slowly but surely growing here in Atlanta and nationwide.

I totally grabbed this photo (from our etsy party) from Purge's site. Hope they're cool with that!

From purge again, here's an awesome review of Steve Dixey's work and some of the thought process behind it. I first Saw Steve's work at Beep Beep last year, and he had an awesome show here at Young Blood along with Ken TwoFour and Stevnik Mostrom a few months ago.

Finally, if you're still procrastinating (ahem, researching) on the internet, read this fantastically well-written article by Cheree Franco about Atlanta's upcoming Living Walls event August 13-15. It really got me excited!

Some work by Gaia, one of the artists who'll be participating in Living Walls.

Hope that got some of your creative juices flowin'.
Later alligators!,